en-Plato and Moral Philosophy - Steven Nadler


On 27 - 30 September 2010, Professor Steven Nadler gave a general lecture on themes of moral philosophy and then taught a three-day, 6 hour mini course, introducing ethics and moral philosophy largely by way of Plato's Dialogues: Euthypro (knowing what is right), the Apology (the examined life) and philosophy as heroic enterprise.

The lectures considered a number of major moral philosophies from the history of philosophy, from antiquity to modern times, examining what is right action and what it is to be a good person, as well how they propose that we address various ethical problems. In preparation for the mini course, the students read (the Euthyphro and Apology), and especially Socrates' conception of the "examined life" and of what it means to flourish as a human being.

Both the general lecture and the mini course were a great success, and the students actively participated in the discussion. The course also was very helpful to the students for their Theory of Knowledge preparation.

Steven received his PhD from Columbia University and currently is the Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Max and Frieda Weinstein-Bascom Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.