In Memorium, Gisela Eckhardt, 1926 - 2020

Gisela Eckhardt passed peacefully on 30 January 2020. She was a wonderful human being, a gift to anyone who had the luck to know her. She was a scientist, philanthropist (including a supporter of Brahe), environmentalist, loving husband to Wilfried until his untimely passing and a dear friend who was a vibrant conversationalist.

This is a loss for everyone in the wide community engaged in lasers and quantum electronics. Gisela was the pioneer in the field, an excellent scientist and a huge inspirational source for those in the community.

Gisela was a true role model -- an inspiring woman with principles, a strong voice and a very kind heart -- she lived her life to the very limit of human intellectual and physical capacity. Her stories and our always interesting conversations will be missed.