Brahe's guiding principle is that inspiring youth is one of science's most important contributions to civilization. 

Established in 2009, Brahe Educational Foundation is a Swedish nonprofit foundation that arranges lectures and seminars by prominent academics in the physical and behavioral sciences to faculty and students at Swedish educational institutions with the public invited. Thus far we have arranged 25 programs, including five by Nobel laureates. Brahe does not engage in any political or religious activities. Admission to all programs is without charge. 

Psychology of Transnational Terrorism and Extreme Political Conflict

Here is an article by Brahe lecturer Scott Atran, now posted for the 2021 Annual Review of Psychology on "Psychology of Transnational Terrorism and Extreme Political Conflict". It tries to make sense of what is going on today in the context of medium-scale historical developments and findings from our recent behavorial and brain studies. The article is available to download below. 

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